Defending Social Programs for a Stronger Canada

Income inequality in Canada is growing. The strength of our Social Programs will continue to decline unless Accountability is demanded at all levels of government.

CASW is seriously concerned at the pace in which the Government of Canada is reshaping national social programs and services as well as with the unilateral renewal of the Canadian Social Transfer at 3% with no dialogue on Accountability or impact.

From the Criminal Justice System to Old Age Security to tax expenditures, the accelerated rebranding of Canada is altering, in almost every aspect, our national federation.

With the rules governing Canada’s equalization program and affordable housing agreements set to expire in 2014, the provincial, territorial and federal governments must seize the opportunity to proactively address the growing income inequity gap in Canada.

Central to addressing Canada’s growing income inequality gap is developing a provincial and territorial consensus on accountability to the Canadian Social Transfer.

Thank you for joining CASW in encouraging the provincial, territorial and federal governments to reinstate Principles of Accountability to the Canada Social Transfer and to work towards a national plan to address all social determinants of health in order to Defend our Social Programs for a Stronger Canada.